One Word for 2021

Jan 22, 2021 | Self-Care

I don’t know about you, but I have seen a number of people talking about their One Word every new year. I can’t remember if I ever wrote one – I probably didn’t. I can’t think of a specific word to describe how my year would be.

I admire the writers who wrote their “one words” and explained the reasons for having these. And as I write this article today, I can’t make up my mind as to what my one word for 2021 would be. Silly me.

I initially wanted to write “balance” as my one word but I felt that I am not yet done contemplating with how my 2020 was and how I want my 2021 would be. And if you’d look at my planner (thank you, Mercury Drug), I haven’t written much on it.

Remember the meme on social media where it says that the new year actually starts on February, and January is just the trial period? Haha! It seems that way.

Hopefully next month I would have a clearer vision of this year. For now, I will meditate and listen to the universe.

Have you ever thought of your one word for 2021?


  1. Graz Covz-Guyle

    Ako din ma. Parang Wala pa din akong one word for this year. Winding mode pa din yata ako.

  2. Vivian Lazo

    Still thinking padin ako mommy, kung anong 1 word ko this year kasi im still stuck padin im 2020, exploring my self this year to have this word dami din kase ngbago kaya im helping my self to gain learning, new level of friendship from community hopefuly will make this February para set ko na sarili ko

  3. Rose-Ann Obejas

    Same Mommy Kat,wala paden ako one word this year! Pero still hoping that isang araw pag gising magiging normal na ang lahat.

    • Kat Santiago

      I really pray that we can go back to our normal lives.

  4. Nichelle Abawag

    Wala. I just want to live and go back to normal life. 😟

  5. Roselyn A Jose

    For me tingin ko my one word would be “pursue” because i want to pursue all my of my goals at makamit ko sila bago matapos ang 2021

    • Kat Santiago

      I love this! Praying with you that you will pursue all of these goals

  6. karenjoie

    . sana maging ok na po lahat ! 🤗🤗
    siguro enjoy nalang po yung bawat araw at oras kase napakaiksi ng buhay .

  7. Geraldine Estimo

    Good health ang lahat

  8. Ellhaine Laureano

    My one word for 2021 is “FAITH”, that faith that all will be well in God’s timing. I named my 3rd child with Eila Faith and she just turned 1 this year. Sharing a verse:

    Hebrews 11:1Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

  9. Babeth Arcede

    For me siguro the word “progress” kasi step by step na abot ko yung goals ko ☺

  10. Theresa Uy Biason

    Hindi ko din alam kung anong one word ko for this year. Ang alam ko lang sana matapos na ang pandemic na ito at bumalik na sa normal ang lahat. In Gods will! 🙏

  11. Maricel Bondoc

    Parang wala pa..dipa tpos ANG laban naten…


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